Solution for transportation and logistics companies to handle theirmanagement

Fleetskills is an integrated management solution that gathers your information in one place. This saves time and brings cost savings. Fleetskills is a modern SaaS-solution where you can manage your compliance and personnel-related information.

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Business-critical information in one centralized system.

Do you know when your drivers’ qualification expires, how much regulatory training they still need to take, and what upcoming training are available? How do you ensure that all your drivers are compliant with regulatory and customer requirements?

Fleetskills shows you the things mention above in one system. It will follow this information automatically for you and inform you when actions are required. This will allow your company to focus on more critical information that maintaining different registries of information. It will save you money and also reduces your business risks.

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Drivers and contractors

All driver and contractor information in one system

Qualifications and trainings

All valid qualifications with expiration monitoring and upcoming trainings

Add more features

Fleetskills is a modular solution where you can add more features based on your needs. Available modules: Clearance management, instructions, blended learning and asset management.

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Add more features to match your needs

You only pay for the used features in the system.



Share instructions and guidelines digitally to employees and subcontractors.

Manage data automatically based on industries and clients.

Follow automatically who has received and read the information.

Report to clients your compliance status directly.

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Blended learning

Blended-learning module allows you to build online training e.g. for induction and log credits from offline education.

Use our editor to build your own courses or use our content library for your needs.

When an employee has successfully taken the course, Fleetskills will compile a performance report. This way you can rest assured that everyone has taken the mandatory training.

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Asset management

Asset management includes two major features:

1 Fleet registry that helps you to manage fleet information, mandatory checks, and inspections. You can also utilize this feature as a part of your scheduling.

2 Item registry helps to follow valuable items handed out to employees. You can create different material groups e.g. ADR-packages, keys, credit cards, etc. The registry helps you to see times in stock and follow the returning process.

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Clearance management

Ensure valid permits for employees and vehicles.

Clearance-management suits both vendors as well as the clients.

Vendors can apply for permits and assign them to drivers.

Drivers can also add information after completing a mandatory training to access a certain area.

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12 000+

Employee qualifications in the system


SaaS-solution available at anytime from anywhere


Increase in productivity compared to paper or Excel-based management processes